How many hours do you spend recruiting?

Recruiting is a never-ending battle.  And for some home health care companies, it is a rut that is getting deeper and deeper every month.

Our message to you is to reduce your recruiting needs by keeping employees longer.  One new and amazing way to do this is by offering employees early wage access.

Ask anyone what they think about this new recruitment tool and you will find positive responses.  It is great for the working class, easy for management, and now doable in our digital world.  Our clients are loving it!!

What we do
Rapid Pay USA is an innovative company that gives employees access to their earned wages INSTANTLY!  Talk about reducing an employee’s stress load.  For instance, instead of canceling a vital doctor appointment for a child because the employee cannot afford the co-pay, the employee uses their early wage access and gets the child treatment.

How it works
Our process to give your home health care employees early wage access is simple.  The employer reaches out and signs up with Rapid Pay USA. This typically takes less than 24 hours and does not have any upfront or implementation costs.

Using our proprietary software, the employee’s shifts can be generated and approved within seconds. Once approved, employees are eligible to get paid INSTANTLY to their bank account.

Your employees will have early wage access at their discretion, from anywhere, 24/7 365 days a year. This gives them a huge amount of financial freedom to take care of life’s little surprises.

Early wage access means your employees in Virginia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, New York or anywhere in the U.S. do not have to take out payday loans with outrageous interest rates, or forego medical treatment or food for the family because payday is many days away.

If recruiting is taking over your time, try Rapid Pay USA? estimates that home health care companies spend up to 23 hours to hire a new employee.  How does anything else get done well if so much time is focused here!!

These numbers do not reflect, onboarding, training, coaching and acclimation.

You cannot dig your way out of this rut.  We suggest you jump start your hiring and retention processes by offering current employees and new employees early wage access through Rapid Pay USA.

We are already seeing our clients benefit from our early wage access platform, and your home health care agency can too.  Early wage access from Rapid Pay USA is one way that home health care agencies can win the recruitment battle and pour all the new time into other aspects of the business.

If you are tired of high employee turnover and want to win the recruitment and retention war, we encourage you to call us at 800-627-4585.

We serve clients throughout the U.S. including Virginia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and New York.