What is rapid pay usa?

Every Day Becomes Payday!

Rapid Pay USA is an innovative technology platform that gives employees the financial freedom to access their earned wages INSTANTLY*! This increases employee morale, while seamlessly enchancing accountability and communication. All of this is done without any disruption  to the current business payroll process.

Why Choose Us?

Our solution is Simple, Quick and Easy.


Our payments platform makes accessing earned wages early effortless.


Employees can receive payments INSTANTLY* to debit cards 24/7.


Rapid Pay USA can seamlessly integrate around your current processes. 

How It Works


Step 1

The employer signs up directly with Rapid Pay USA.

Step 2

The employee's shifts are approved through the Rapid Pay USA system

Step 3

The employees log into the portal and access their earned wages INSTANTLY* 24/7

Retention: Employees that have early wage access are 32% more likely to stay at their current job.**
Recruitment: Potential employees compare compensation and benefits packages before accepting a new job.
Performance: Eliminating financial stressors helps employees to stay focused on the job.
Morale: 100% of employees appreciate having the ability to choose when they get paid.

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